God's Favorite

Species: Human
Height: 180cm
Gender: Male

Sabat: " You don’t have to feel anything, oh plucked flower, come over to my side. You don’t have to remember anything, you are even more beautiful when you rot away"

Former lieutenant at the Bloody Rose Organization, currently a wandering knight. Heroic, hard-working and charismatic, Yue has a personality that makes him very likable to all. His speech is assertive and gentle, whiling to offer a helping hand to those in need but he is also mighty, always ready to lead his army into a battle if necessary.

Yue is a man beheld by the gods since the very beginning, being blessed by the mountain goddess the moment he was born and later on meeting Sabat.

Despite this he solely believes that the future of mankind it to be forged by human's hands and not by the gods. Even when he joins Atzmus he spends most of his time as a wandering knight looking for anyone that may need his help, in the occasion that Sabat decides to join on his adventures he has to swear that will only observe and not act unless Yue asks him to.

Unknowingly to him, Yue's fate is manipulated since before he was born and regardless of the timeline, what happens or what he believes he and Sabat will always meet and fall for one another.


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