Species: Kresnik, accursed ghoulish creatures born from unrequited vampire love. Formerly human.
Likes: Reading, insects.
Dislikes: Rainy days, overly sweet food, being the center of attention.
Scars: One across his right eye, many of varying sizes on all body.

" The blood on my hands is merely proof of my ambition "

A Byronic hero (or villain) on a path to destruction, since he couldn't have anything he set himself to destroy everything, somewhere along that journey things didn't go as planned.


Apathetic and cold on the exterior, in reality he is emotional and intense, changing his mood on a dime. He experiences great highs and great lows but he feels everything unapologetically and lives his life to the fullest, to deny feeling is only to postpone or pervert it.

He craves destruction and death to change the world anew, but is slowly realizing that maybe it's better to build what he wishes for. Fate forces his hand time and time again, if he doesn’t wish to follow maybe it's better to lead.

Moody and brooding, his trust is hard-earned but once acquired he is extremely loyal. He cannot be bought with money or promises of grandeur, he wants what he wants despite even him not being sure about what that is sometimes. Above all else, he is sincere and wont hold facades to humor people he doesn’t like.

Never ending hunger and Everlasting lust

Theodore’s parents were murdered by vampires when he was a child so he became a hunter and inquisitor for the church using his unyielding hatred as a weapon. He cares very little for his well being, it doesn't matter if he is bleeding as long as his enemies are bleeding even more.

During one of his hunts he was followed home by a vampire, the vampire did not expect to grow attached to the one he was out to kill and Theodore never dreamed he would be so fond of the critter he hated the most. The vampire was called Wladmir, a prince from the heretic neighboring country, it became impossible to tell one’s story without the other. They share an undying bond for with whom should Death belong, if not with blood, with life?
“When you love what you hate the most there is very few things left to fear.”


✥ Crossbow
✥ White dagger, made of Wladmir's teeth given willingly
✥ Curved-blade sword, the blade has a purple hue, made from vampire bones
✥ Legendary scythe, made from vampire bones of the most ancient lineage. There are twin scythes but Theodore owns only one of them.