Leonard Galahad

They shall give us all they have as penance for their insolence. Their temples. Their gods. Their rebellious blood.


Leonard is a Vileblood and a loyal knight of Cainhurst, taking as his duty to serve the monarchy and protect their progeny from the raising villainy of the church and their ranks. Skilled in fencing his weapon of choice is the Reiterpallasch, an exquisite combination of sword and firearms.

Of his family only the younger sister is left, a fair maiden named Lenore, of cunning personality, whom he sworn to protect with all his might. Any gossip or the smallest of the threats made towards her are the quickest way to anger Leonard.

He is good looking, skilled and talkative but not entirely the brightest in the mind. Scholar talk and lengthy explanations will get him bored, he is more action prone than anything else. With a swashbuckler demeanor, he finds it easy to get out of difficult situations and enemies after encountering them rather than planing to avoid the match altogether. He doesn't plan forwards too much and leans more in his trust for his skills and what he calls 'blessed' luck.

Out of combat he can be pretty hedonistic, enjoying flirting and getting attention specially from the ladies of the court. Delicious meals, tasteful wine and good music are other of his interests. His favorite flower is the red rose and one day he would like to have a garden abundant of it, far away from the tiranny of the church where he and Lenore could live in peace.