Viktor Carnelian

Unfortunately, all my test subjects have died or escaped, so I shall be the final subject. I feel no fear. This is a momentous night.


Egocentric, extremely assertive and a perpetual patience to pander to others. Always having something to say and never being caught off-guard when it comes to emotions, he can be quite charismatic when he so desires but it's also quite difficult to tell when he is truly being sincere.

Viktor is driven by his desire to learn , sometimes going as far as to compromise his own well being and the ones around him. He despises the mere idea of not knowing something, being relentless on his pursuits and having a general lack of tact to know when to stop. Despite his background, violence is not a trait of his behavior, being diplomatic on most circumstances. He is not against payback though, and is quick to retaliate any wrong deed or ill word towards him, being capable of holding grudges for long. He hates being cheated on or having information intentionally kept from him, this can trigger a rather distasteful side of his personality.


Viktor originates from a wealthy family that like leaching poisonous ivies, maintained their status and ascended through influence peddling, spreading their roots far and wide. If one dug deep enough they could find connections with the Carnelian family in any place money and power dwelt, corruption being a stench they carried whenever they went.

Young Viktor had a cunning and ambitious personality, but lacked altogether the skill to handle politics or the talent for commerce, still he had an insatiable desire for knowledge and soon he found himself buying a position in the ecclesiastic ranks of the newly formed Healing Church.

Money was enough to guarantee Viktor a high position among the common cleric but not to get inside the inner circles of the church, where untold truths were whispered. He tried to be noticed for his hard work and diligent studies, but he knew what he was trying to comprehend was the meager leftover that the higher ups let escape in between conversations that he eavesdropped.

After a while he was called to be an assistant on the explorations being held by the newly formed higher rank of the church, the so called Choir, even though he wasn't part of the delegation himself and would serve merely as a helper. Now he could see the things he could only have imagined before, but still the knowledge was kept from him. Artifacts were collected but their true purpose were never told, tombs were desecrated but their secrets remained a mystery. Certainly he was only summoned to this endeavors because his desire to please made him extremely obedient and he was meticulous in his work.

During one of their expeditions Viktor was alone with his master when they discovered an intact artifact belonging to the ones that used to dwell in those damned forgotten places, previously they only managed to find fragments of it, that being the first time the complete item was retrieved. Viktor didn't like waiting, if life wasn't going to give him the opportunities he needed, he ought to make his own.

The master extended his hands towards their finding.

Viktor found himself a sharp rock, that would suffice. Holy swords and chanting firearms were mere tools if compared to primordial savagery, the beasts did it, he was merely learning from the stronger.

The master's gloved hand touched the item. The stone touched the master's head, once, twice. The man couldn't even turn around to curse at his perpetrator or scream, his mauled body succumbed on the ground.

"Oh, dear master, why is it that you weep? Don't worry, I will take good care of your findings. "

When Viktor returned to the other members of the expedition, bloodied and carrying his findings, he told the terrible story of how him and dear master were attacked by a mysterious remnant creature. It was oh so dark he couldn't see it properly and he was oh so scared, he tried to protect dear master but the creature dragged his body deep into the darkness, during the struggle he was able to find the ancient artifact, but sadly dear master were nowhere to be found.

The lie were instantly accepted, after all, how could a mere assistant have defeated a high official? Sometimes when people stare too much into the abyss of unknowns, they forget to watch other their own backs.

Viktor returned as a hero, a valiant assistant who managed to recover the remaining of old despite the adversities, truly a person of valor. Not much time later he was invited to join the Choir, after all they did have an open position now and he so happened to have contributed with a great finding.

The validation brought by the invitation was the final step needed to pave an already giant ego, now he finally had the means. The body of the old master? It was never found, Viktor would perish before telling the truth