Viktor Carnelian

" Unfortunately, all my test subjects have died or escaped, so I shall be the final subject. I feel no fear. This is a momentous night. "

He has "friends" in places both high and low, and all seem to owe him favors. Egocentric, extremely assertive and a perpetual patience to pander to others. Always having something to say and never being caught off-guard when it comes to emotions, he can be quite charismatic when he so desires but it's also quite difficult to tell when he is truly being sincere.

Viktor is driven by his desire to learn , sometimes going as far as to compromise his own well-being and the ones around him. He despises the mere idea of not knowing something, being relentless on his pursuits and having a general lack of tact to know when to stop. Despite his background, violence is not a trait of his behavior, being diplomatic in most circumstances. He is not against payback though and is quick to retaliate any wrong deed or ill word towards him, being capable of holding grudges for long. He hates being cheated on or having information intentionally kept from him, this can trigger a rather distasteful side of his personality.


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