Child Of Eternity

Species: veil walker / demilich (in process)
Status: Neither alive nor dead
Height: 165 cm
Gender: Male

" Heart, mind, soul - weapons all. "


Orube was born in a northern indigenous community know as the Iererin, they were proud on their culture and heritage, living mostly secluded in the Tundra but would not refuse interacting with outsiders who showed the proper respect to their ways.

Nonchalant to the foreign magic they cultivated their own rites, where the spirit was important above all else, it was through the soul they could connect to the universe and everything around it. With their magic they could summon spiritual guardians, ancestor and elders brought forth in astral bodies to help guide and protect. These guardians assumed animal shapes who gleamed like the moon and the night sky, their almost phantasmal bodies didn't keep them from physically interfering in the world, as they could fight and cause harm if their tribe is threatened.

White or black magic are concepts that don't exist for the Iererin since they don't believe it can be good or bad, the intention depends solely of the caster. They don't see the likes of necromancy as evil, instead, they see it as useless since the body is merely a vessel, the true power resides in the spirit and they can comute with it through their rites.

Once scholars from the Magic College of Arcadia tried to approach the tribe to learn about their soul magic and were promptly shooed away.


Some curses are beautiful, some blessings are ugly, unable to comprehend his situation Orube could only run away trying to deny the fate bestowed upon him: an existence where one's soul would never leave the body, regardless of the actual circumstances of it's preserving. What seemed at first as a gruesome fate for someone so young was in reality a key for something much bigger, a initial step into lichdom and the total freedom of existence.

He spent some time with the wendigo, who accepted him as one of their own, trying to deny his future but it was only when the golden Qilin told him to look for answers among the starts that Orube finally understood. He had spent so much time hiding in the dark corners of the forest that he had forgotten how the night sky looked and it only took him a single glimpse at it to fathom it all and to accept his destiny as it was: something truly glorious and otherworldly.

What followed was a long journey to unveil the deepest secrets and corners of existence, he barely just began but the path is cristal clear now.