Species: Elf
Height: 177 cm
Likes: Jewels, gems, apples, nature and mostly all things that are pretty.
Dislikes: Fighting, rudeness, messy people and places, being forced to engage in useless conversations


The younger of three siblings, Ettrian is a reserved elf who most of the time tends to his own business, being extremely nonchalant to burble and other mundane subjects he considers uninteresting, he is not shy, just very picky with the ones he allow close to his heart. Sometimes he can pass as arrogant, specially because of his manner of speaking and dry sense of humor, but in reality he has a kind heart, hardly holding grudges. When he acquires a liking for somebody he can talk for hours on and on, with vivid details about all the assortments that inhabit his thoughts.

He enjoys being pampered but he won't demand it from people, sincerely holding close to his heart all acts of kindness made towards him. He also has a tendency to let his heart speak louder than his reason, sometimes tumbling on his own poorly-planed whims. In the end he may seem entitled and prissy but has a heart as pure as gold.


Ettrian is quite flamboyant, always wearing a necklace and plenty of rings, displaying his extensive collection. He cares about his appearance quite a bit, being averse to getting himself messy, but he is not above getting his hands dirty when it comes to helping those in need. He has some skills with bows and arrows, out of plain necessity as he dislikes fighting, avoiding it at all costs truly believing that the creation of beautiful things and the veneration of nature is the true purpose of any elf.


Passionate, sassy, caring, reserved. When he is good he is a friend with a hearth of gold and extreme generosity, when he is bad he is insufferable and whiny.


Before the first gem
When Finainin married his sweetheart Elltrine, it was the beginning of what seemed a tale of endless bliss. Her stern and tough personality matched and complemented his passionate and lively behavior, they stood in joy for many years being blessed with their first-born Telesh.

Telesh had eyes of a beautiful deep blue and hair of light shades of blonde like Elltrine, but opposed to his mom's magnificent talent with the Harp, he had no musical talent and very little artistic skill. This did not bother them the littlest and Telesh grew to be a fearless warrior of unmatched skill, he was righteous and valiant, following their lords in battle he brought home many victories and endless pride.

Their second child was a girl, a little lady of lustrous ebony locks, dark like the night and impeccable beauty just like Finainin. She was named Erialeth and as she grown up and her loveliness increased even more, so did her prowess. Erialeth became a healer who tended to those in need and in time of wars helped wounded warriors. Many were grateful to her and she saved many lives.

Lastly came their third offspring, born in a night with a spectacular starry sky. The child seemed to be aware of it, as his eyes were of a magnificent deep blue that reflected the celestial abode and the moon with pristine gleam. They named him Ettrian and he too had the same dazzling platinum locks as Elltrine.

The couple was overjoyed by their beautiful newborn, little Ettrian grew up to be not only alluringly beautiful but also had the exact same noose and structure as his mom, they were very much alike not only in appearance but also in interest, as Ettrian was the first to take a liking for Elltrine's prized harp and learned it quickly. He had no interest in the arts of the war or healing, he only wished to play his harp and contemplate nature. He was a lover of the trees and flowers, the rivers and the rain, the sky and the stars. Extremely pacific and docile, he spent a lot of time with Elltrine and was the family crown jewel despite Telesh and Erialeth's acquired accomplishments.

Powers and Abilities

A jeweler by choice, Ettrian is truly a master of his trade and sees beauty and meaning in the lengthy process of creating a jewel, believing it's the gem who chooses it's beholder and not the contrary. When he interacts with people, in the back of his head he is secretly trying to figure out their gem. On the occasion he sells one of his creations, he doesn't appreciate when they are passed around without his knowledge and authorization, even if that goes way beyond his right to demand. In the elf's head, a commissioned pieces belongs to the intended costumer only but recently he is softer on that aspect, having learned that humans, being extremely short lived in comparison with elves, leave their more precious belonging to their heirs.