Species: Elf
Height: 177 cm
Likes: Jewels, gems, apples, nature and mostly all things that are pretty.
Dislikes: Fighting, rudeness, messy people and places, being forced to engage in useless conversations

The younger of three siblings, Ettrian is a reserved elf who most of the time tends to his own business, being extremely nonchalant to burble and other mundane subjects he considers uninteresting, he is not shy, just very picky with the ones he allow close to his heart. Sometimes he can pass as arrogant, specially because of his manner of speaking and dry sense of humor, but in reality he has a kind heart, hardly holding grudges. When he acquires a liking for somebody he can talk for hours on and on, with vivid details about all the assortments that inhabit his thoughts.

He enjoys being pampered but he won't demand it from people, sincerely holding close to his heart all acts of kindness made towards him. He also has a tendency to let his heart speak louder than his reason, sometimes tumbling on his own poorly-planed whims. In the end he may seem entitled and prissy but has a heart as pure as gold.


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