Silvyr Willowish

Species: Elf

" The things I once imagined would be my greatest achievements were only the first steps toward a future I can only begin to fathom. "


Orderly, pragmatic, well-intended, worrisome, sensible, serious, no-nonsense, sometimes grumpy, protective, caring, helpful. Tall and light-skinned, the only sunlight that reaches him is the one that comes in through the stained-glass windows. His eyes are light blue and his long, wavy black hair reaches to his knee, usually held together by a ribbon. He usually wears shades of blue, although his style is a few decades late. Despite being young for an elf and healthy, Silvyr has little physical conditioning, devoting all his efforts to mental activities.

Silvyr is kind-hearted and well-meaning, he enjoys the good things in life, such as tea-time, winter and reading, but he also has many faults - he is controlling and precise, with firm opinions and a strict way of caring of his business. Although he is always too busy taking care of the Archive and its countless books and scrolls, neglecting most of his social life, his colleagues often have a good impression on him. He tends to become incredibly frustrated when important situations are not taken seriously.


Silvyr had been enrolled in the college of magic since a young age, and quickly encountered the destructive and chaotic reality of magic. Learning had its price, and it was not just tuition. Novice wizards often made mistakes and were susceptible to self-immolation, and Silvyr was horrified every time textbooks or scrolls were accidentally destroyed in the arduous path of learning. "It's part of it," the teachers would grumble, no one would miss an elemental spell scroll if it was destroyed, such a basic spell with countless copies available.

It was in the final year of college, when a secular grimoire was smashed into thousands of fragments by a poorly executed vorpal spell that he realized that if some providence was not made, more and more rare volumes would be lost to poor handling. He collected all the pieces of the grimoire and spent his final college year restoring it thoroughly, work concluded on the last day.

Some time later, when the Great Archive librarian decided to retire, the college's rectory knew to whom they should offer the newly opened spot.

On his first day Silvyr realized the pitiful state of the archive, timeless relics stacked like trash, books consumed by moths and pieces that were simply gone or lost in the mess. Slowly he began cataloging and organizing everything with endless patience and dedication.

Because of the repetitive work he also began to study about automatons, creating his first prototypes, soon populating the archive with several of his creations. The automatons are not alive or intelligent, they do not speak, some are able to perceive the presence of people but their purpose is to just perform repetitive functions: pick up books and carry them from one place to another, put them back on the shelves and move objects around.

Silvyr lives in the Archive itself, in a separate section where gears and clothes share space with books and scrolls.

Despite being a large and majestic building in the central area of ​​the city, the Archive has few visitors, perhaps due to lack of signage or because it is a niche type of building. It has a vast collection in all areas of imaginable and obscure knowledge, new publications or, its specialty, antique ones and relics. Somehow there are gigantic old trees inside the Archive sharing space with the huge shelves.

Do not ask, he does know how it happened, they were already there when he arrived, and they were already there when the predecessor of his predecessor's predecessor occupied the post.