Inorganic Chimera, Abel(true name)

Species: Chimera

" Seeds know no borders, they will sprout wheresoever the earth embraces them. "

A sweet chimera with a degree of kindness that can often be mistaken for naivety. Despite his accommodating demeanor and occasional clumsiness, he is actually rather intelligent and has experienced trauma that shaped him greatly as a person, and a host of experiences that helped him grow.

When Morgan was invoked he was a blank slate, he had no individual thoughts, tastes, interests or hobbies. This changed upon meeting Sabat, the two eventually became close with each other, living under the same roof and sharing each other’s company. This drew Morgan from his empty state, giving him personality and individuality.

While Morgan is a pacifist and is repulsed by the idea of killing senselessly, he has the wherewithal to do what it takes to achieve his goal.

Morgan’s intelligence can occasionally be swamped by his ditziness and relative innocence, at times appearing dense or slow but his ingenuity and surprising fearlessness prevails despite his shortcomings.