The Bloodborne

Species: Chimera
Alias: Inorganic Chimera
Likes: Sabat, seeing those he likes happy, drawings, crafts, nature, beautiful things


Morgan is a blood chimera called forth into the inner dream by Ezequiel.


Happy, easy going, submissive, obedient. Morgan never really discovered where to draw the line between being responsive to orders and his own free will, therefore he became a chimera that never truly bloomed nor unleashed his true power.


After years of abuse under Ezequiel's command, Sabat rescued him and brought him to the Mountain if Madness where now he resides as a parts of his entourage. Recently, he began growing his own hive of blood insects.

Powers and Abilities

Morgan's composition is blood, which gives him a liquid consistency and the ability to shape shift at will, his preferred form is insectoid.