Weaver of Mirrors

Species: Chimera
Alias: Noah (true name), Crestfallen queen of the diamond dynasty
Status: Rescued from being adrift of the course of time, currently part of Elohim's entourage
Height: 177 cm
Gender: Female

Mergo was called forth into the inner dream and instantly revered as a Kether, her followers glorified her as a paragon of beauty and wealth, building ornate and richly architected underground temples to her. Her diamond property was seen as a glorious relic and her ability to decay anything she touches was considered a proof of her otherworldly purity.

She may have lost her status but she did not lost her nobility and royal demeanor. Mergo is proud and spoiled, sometimes acting snobbish around those she finds unworthy, but she has a soft and sweet side that she shows around those she consider friends.

She has property over Diamonds and crystal formations, being able to generate them at will and use them as projectiles and shield. Her ability to shape shift is greatly reduced partly because of her solid consistency and because of her demoted status. Mergo can transverse into mirrors and use them as seeing devices.

During fights she is relentless and very aggressive, her body is almost indestructible.


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