Wish grating Kether of the Mountain of Madness

Species: Chimera, Kether
Alias: Elohim (true name) , inorganic chimera, The Ever-loving, Akephalos
Height: 177 cm

" Don't bother to resist or I'll beat you. It's not your fault that you're always wrong, the weak ones are there to justify the strong "


Stubborn, impatient, possessive, aggressive. Sabat is generally loyal to the Bloody Rose organization but clearly Atzmus and his personal agenda come above anything else. When it comes to personal interactions, he makes apparent those whom he has favored and will measure no efforts to help them.

Powers and Abilities

Being a chimera, Sabat's elements is shadow which gives him a liquid consistency and the ability to shape shift at will, although he dislikes keeping a defined form, usually opting to cast vectors and shadow parts over his body. He is extremely quick and can transverse into the shadows to any other location, even if the place itself is out of the flow of time. His perception of time is liquid and he is able to to freely navigate it to any direction, his existence being a continuum which allows him to keep his memory of any given time he had experienced.

As a Kather he has a broader sense of existence and can be summoned when called by those of his interest. He is glorified as a wish granter but in reality he does not grant wishes, desires simply align to his will. Ultimately, he is shown to be able to manipulate fate to some extent, but it is not clear if it's really his power or Enoch's doing.