Elohim (true name), The Ever-loving, Akephalos

Species: Chimera, Kether
Status: Loitering
Presentation: Androgynous on appearance, identifies as male out of convenience but has no preference, will wear both feminine and masculine clothes.
Composition: inorganic

" As long as I have your love, I am immortal "


A chimera who ascended to Ketherhood and the object of devotion of the Atzmus, a theocratic independent city state. Sabat is an active and self-assured individual who possesses a unique duality. While he typically just loiters as serene as a beautiful flower, once he springs into action he transforms into an unstoppable force, showing no mercy or restraint.

He has an unique perspective on love, he considers it a selfish endeavor expecting something in return, his love is never unconditional. Fueling his actions is a self-assured nature, akin to a ruler who fearlessly vocalizes his desires he lives for the present moment, embracing hedonism as long as it brings instant gratification. Beneath his occasional arrogance lies a genuine concern for others, he won't ignore their struggles, reflecting his underlying good intentions.

With an insatiable curiosity he isn't bound by a moral compass. He adores humanity and mischief, preferring to observe as people shape their destinies. His philosophy? "Live as you choose, whether righteously or wickedly, and fight for any reason that resonates with you." Even if he refrains from direct involvement, he makes apparent those who he has favored and derives pleasure from watching them conquer challenges, all while maintaining a mischievous grin. His emotions range from admiration to encouragement, all driven by his own amusement.

Although he harbors the potential for unbridled anger, it rarely surfaces. In a good mood, he radiates a bright smile, and even in less favorable circumstances, he engages in light-hearted banter.


Being a chimera, Sabat's composition is darkness which gives him a liquid consistency and the ability to shape shift at will. He is extremely quick and can transverse into the shadows to any other location, even if the place itself is out of the flow of time.

As a Kather he has a broader sense of existence and can be summoned when called by those of his interest. He is glorified as a wish granter but in reality he does not grant wishes, desires simply align to his will. Ultimately, he is shown to be able to manipulate fate to some extent, but it is not clear if it's really his power or Enoch's doing.